About Us

We are a group working to create a better future for wonderful young lady named Tere Parra. She had an accident that paralyzed her from the waist down. Since she was in the United States visiting her sister from Mexico, she didn't have any insurance or any money to pay for her hospital bills. That is where we come in. We want to help her to be able to have a better future without the burden of the enormous debt that has been accumulated in medical bills. Help us to "Be Tere's Legs"

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Tere wants to thank everybody who has helped her in any way since her accident. It has been a difficult year, but it has been made a lot easier with the love and generosity of so many people.  She is working every day to become more independent. She is still as vivacious and lively as ever. Tere loves being with friends and family.  Read more.

See more photos of Tere's progress.

See Tere in therapy as she takes some steps with the help of members of her family and her therapist.

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4412 S Leland Ct, Taylorsville, Utah  84129

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